My mission in life has always been to leave the world a better place because I was here. For years I did that by focusing on the subjects of sustainability and health. However, when I became a mother, things shifted for me.

As an entrepreneur, as a woman, as a woman of color, I never struggled as much as when I became a mother. The way I’d lived my life for decades was no longer working for me. Motherhood also exposed me to so many things about our society that I’d like to see improved: the healthcare system (especially around pregnancy and delivery), our educational system (especially pre-high-school age), and the challenges of holding onto my identity apart from being a caregiver.

For the first time in my life, I struggled to accomplish things that had always come easily, but I wasn’t willing to just accept this as my new normal. My new reality forced me to lean into a skill that I’d always valued, however, I had to tweak it to my new season of life.

Over the years I’ve often been asked “how do you do all the things you do?” My answer was always the same: planning. However, when I talked to people about planning, it became clear that my brain was wired in a specific way that made planning intuitive to me.

After many years of informally coaching friends and family, I codified my planning philosophy into a “curriculum” called Harness the Power of Planning.

My dear friend, fellow entrepreneur, and business partner Natascha has been instrumental in shaping Harness the Power of Planning, and proof that my system works. If you’d like to learn more about our virtual course, visit the Beyond Your Wildest Dreams website

Students have called our course life changing and we are confident that we can help anyone prioritize themselves, save time, and accomplish their goals.