The Basics about this blog

This blog is maintained by Alegre of Green and Greener.

Although this blog is largely about ways to “be greener” in the environmental sense, in my mind being green isn’t just about being environmental, it’s about being sustainable in the many expressed and implied meanings that word conveys. It’s about the myriad of ways that we try to connect or reconnect with ourselves, our community and our environment.

A little bit about me: Before I studied interior design and started G&G, I studied anthropology undergrad and was also a resident advisor in the dorms (a GREAT way to study anthropology hands-on.) My anthropology and RA background gave me a strong foundation for evaluating my life as a human, my interactions with others and tools for changing both in ways that make life more fulfilling for me. This blog is not intended as a guide or anything…I simply wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully you’ll find something in these musings that speaks to you.

Before we begin, a few things I believe (you’ll see the anthropological underpinnings):

You can’t separate being human from being OF this planet we call Earth. It’s impossible. Without the earth we’d be homeless, starving and orphaned. Therefore the planet is something that needs to be cherished and safeguarded

– Because humans evolved over millennia, the rapid changes that have taken place in our society are changes that we have not yet evolved to adapt to and things like preservatives and highly-processed foods and chemicals are not good for us. I often make the analogy that fructose is to sugar as cocoa leaves are to cocaine. While one might be fine for us, the other can have more complicated consequences.

– That our society’s brand of independence fosters a sort of insidious, low-level intolerance that allows us to not deal with problems and instead ignore them or the people who cause them. How you gonna have world peace if you aren’t talking to your own sibling or neighbor?

– That all of the “free time” that modern life affords us is often spent doing things that don’t really make us happier or more fulfilled, they just help us pass the time. As the saying goes “idle hands…”

That the only thing that really matters in life are the relationships you have and the way you touch other people’s lives, and yet we are never taught this in school. If you aren’t constantly working on your relationships, you are leaving them to happenstance and personally, that has never been successful for me.

And even though I know all these things, believe me, I’m far from perfect. I have relationships that need work, I have neighbors I should engage more, I have free time that I waste…but I’m constantly trying to improve. And in my book even just attempting to improve is success. Remember, you can always be greener.

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