Getting over the wardrobe blahs

I use to be a “I have nothing to wear” shopper (even though all of my closets would be overflowing with clothing…both new and second-hand) and I realized that a lot of my shopping was due to wardrobe boredom. In order to curb my shopping habit so that I could save more money (good for me) and consume less (good for the environment), I implemented the three strategies below. Also, if I ever do get the itch to go shopping I ALWAYS make a trip to one of my local second-hand stores before I ever go to a regular store. The vast majority of the stuff my husband and I buy is second-hand. Click here to read my post on Why Vintage Clothing Rocks.

The strategies:

1) Try falling in love with your clothing all over again. All of the clothing experts say “throw out anything you haven’t worn for 6-months” but then what do you do then? Then you have to go shopping (whether new or previosly-loved), however, my strategy employs one step before purging “unwanted items.” When I look at an item I haven’t worn in some months I take it out, visualize how much I loved it when I first got it, reappreciate its good qualities and then I FORCE myself to wear it. If I still don’t like it after that day I do one of two things: 1) if the reason I don’t like it is because the styling is out of date, but the quality of the garment is good, then I store it and reevaluate it next year or 2) if I know I’ll never wear the item again, usually because my style has changed or the item no longer fits me well, then I donate it.

2) No more neutrals: Now that I have all the “staples” (pants, jackets, blouses that fit me well in the black, brown and neutral color-ways) I ONLY buy colorful things that I LOVE. Limiting myself to color and to items that I not only like but LOVE is a good way to limit myself.

3) Keep new items back-burnered for a week: When I was younger, whenever I would buy somethig new I would immediately wear it the next day. Now I hang my new item in the closet and when I get dressed I look at the item and imagine what I’d wear it with and get dressed with that in mind. If I find from this excercise that I have similar items already, I’ll return the new item.

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