I had the most amazing vegan Vietnamese at tofu factory/restaurant Vinh Loi Tofu, for more on my visit go to green-and-greener.blogspot.com



So I’d been having an UDON craving, and unfortunately, most of the restaurants that do udon near me are Japanese BBQ restaurants and even if they’ll make the udon vegetarian for me I prefer not to eat it with the smell of BBQ all around me.  Fortunately, when I went to YELP the highest rated udon place in the area (4.5 stars with 114 reviews) happened to be a vegan place (what a nice surprise!)  We actually don’t eat a lot of tofu since we try to eat mostly raw and as minimally processed foods as possible, but if you are into your fake meats, than this is the place for you!  Vinh Loi is also open in that they only use certified no-GMO soy and no MSG in their food.  The faux BBQ duck was my favorite and the “House Special Fried Rice” with faux BBQ duck, scallops and sausage was out of control good.  The fake beef and chicken were too realistic looking for me so I skipped around those.  All four dishes we had were fantastic and the soft warm tofu pudding covered with coconut milk was definitely a decadent cherry on the top of our vegan dinner sundae.  Owner Kevin Tran is awesome and super friendly.  You really don’t even have to order…he’ll do it for you if you’re new to vegan or Vietnamese food.  18625 Sherman Way #101 (strip mall on the north side of the street) in Reseda, CA.