A new CSA is available in the Tarzana/Woodland Hills area.  Info below:



In an effort to continue our venture in community building we are considering offering Calvert as a pick-up location for a CSA.  After shopping around, "Join the Farm!", a five acre organicfarm located south of Oxnard seems to be a best option.  "Join the Farm"has added Calvert as their Woodland Hills drop-off location.  "Join the Farm" encourages subscribers to come visit for a hands on look at where your food comes from!  You can read more about them on their website www.jointhefarm.com


What is a CSA?  Community Supported Agriculture is an arrangement in which subscribers buy a portion of a farmer’s crop at the beginning of the season and receive weekly boxes of whatever is being harvested fresh form the field.  Your box would be delivered to Calvert for convenient pick-up.


What is a CSA box like?  Weekly shares of fresh organic produce are enough to feed a family of four.  (A half-share — delivery every other week — is also available if the full-share seems like too much.)  In fall season (October – December) you can expect lettuces, greens, cucumbers, summer and winter squashes, onions, beans and more.  Maybe even some tomatoes, corn and melons lingering from summer season.  Each week members receive a newsletter with updates from the farm and a guide to what’s in your box.


What if I don’t eat that much produce?  If you can’t handle a full share, consider splitting one with a friend, neighbor, or teacher!  or purchase a half share (receiving a box twice a month instead of each week).


How much does it cost?  A "Fall Season Subscription" (11 weeks) costs $400 – $350 if you sign up by September 30! That’s about $32/week.  A half-share is $225 for the season.  If the full cost of a box prohibits you from participating in the CSA, Join the Farm will do their best to help you find a solution.  (Families who are interested in the half-share may want to consider teaming up on a full-share with another family to cut costs.)


Not only is a CSA share a good way to keep your family healthy – it is good for our local economy – and good for the earth!  An all around good thing!  And a portion comes back to Calvert.  Good for everyone!


For information: calvertgreencommunity@gmail.com