The lovely story of the KISS BOX (available for purchase here) inspired an afternoon of crafting for my daughter and I. We decoupaged a plain paper heart box using art tissue paper for our own kiss boxes. Any tissue paper will work. I usually save mine from when I receive gift bags. Decoupaging is a fun and simple craft. You simply brush a little glue (like MOD PODGE) onto the surface of the box, then apply a single piece of tissue paper torn to the right size, and then brush some more glue over it. It’s a fun way to personalize unfinished paper surfaces.

My daughter and I made these boxes so that we could fill them up with kisses for the days when we must be apart. We added a picture of ourselves printed on plain paper (the paper must be porous to absorb the glue, so photograph paper won’t work.) These would also make a great gift for long-distance friends and family.

Have fun and be a spark in the world!

All supplies available here.