Increase Your Hydration!

Many months ago I did a cleanse designed to put my body into fat-burning mode. Part of the regime was to up my water intake by adding 64-ounces (8-cups) of tea to the 64-ounces of water I drank regularly.

What I learned from this exercise was that I was easily able to double the amount of liquids I took in without feeling bloated or needing to pee every 5-minutes. I also found that my body was more hydrated and that I could do without lip balm or moisturizer on my legs…even in winter!

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Most of us are waiting too long to hydrate and using food or moisturizer in place of what our body really needs: more water. If you are drinking because you are thirsty, you are already in the dehydration zone. You should be drinking kind of mindlessly through-out the day. I now drink over a gallon of water a day and don’t even notice.

The other benefit of upping your water intake is that it helps flush your body out. I’ve found that this simple change has helped me to stay trimmer with less exercise (not necessarily a worthy goal but awesome when you are a mom with a little one!)

I have a system for making sure I’m meeting my water target. Every morning I brew 64-ounces of a teasan mix that I invented. Be sure to only brew herbs in glass or ceramic containers. Metal and water creates an electrical current that limits the effectiveness of herbs.

I use a 64-ounce glass mason jar and every morning I put 2-tablespoons of my concoction in a teabag and then in the jar and fill it up with almost boiling water (boiling water is technically too hot for tea, so say the experts.) I cover the mouth of the jar with a glass bowl and let it sit for 10-minutes. If I’m out and about I’ll take the mason jar of my brew with me. Having my teasan concoction around helps me gauge if I’ve had enough water, because I try and match each mug of teasan with a glass of water.

My recipe is a mix of roughly equal parts: 1/4-Yerba mate, 1/4-roobios, 1/4-Ceylon cinnamon (very important as other types of cinnamon are too high in a chemical called coumarin for daily consumption), and 1/4-licorice I buy my herbs in bulk because it creates much less waste and costs of fraction (1/10th if not less!) than tea bags. I was spending about $60-a-month on a mix of two different bagged teas before I came up with my own similar blend that probably costs me a couple of bucks a month. Here are the ingredients I use:

Health benefits of Yerba Mate: Yerba mate was recommended to me for its impressive fat-burning qualities. For those who want a little energy kick it also has a mild amount of caffeine. If you don’t want/need the caffeine and fat-burning than replace the Yerba Mate with the wonderful Rooibos herb which also has many health benefits (asthma, insomnia and headache relief to name a few) and is also available for purchase here. I often will add in 25% rooibos because I love the taste and benefits. Thanks Kim Hawthorne for the question.

Health benefits of Ceylon cinnamon: regulates blood sugar levels, aids digestion, lowers cholesterol

Health benefits of licorice root: The cinnamon and licorice help to sweeten the mate’s woody flavor. For people who don’t like licorice candy, don’t worry, licorice root tastes nothing like licorice candy. Licorice also has a host of benefits such as helping respiratory and digestive issues, PMS and hepatitis to name a few.

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Health benefits of roobios: Personally I just love the taste of roobios. It (along with the cinnamon and licorice) help to negate the slightly bitter taste of mater. It’s also packed with antioxidants.

You can get the exact herbs I purchase here:

Enjoy and be a spark in the world!

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BTW, please use common sense when reading my blog.  I am not a medical professional, I’m simply sharing my experiences.  Please do your own research or consult a medical professional.