Optimize, Clear Out and Fix for the New Year

Humans are creatures of habit and we get stuck in ruts. As one clever saying goes: “the only difference between a rut and a ditch is the depth.” I make a conscious effort, especially at this time of year, to clear out my ruts so that my literal and figurative houses are in order for the new year and I can let the good chi flow.

When are you in a rut? Good question. Whenever you notice something bugging you regularly why not give it a look with new eyes and see if you can do something about it? Your subconscious is probably trying to call your attention to it!

Here is a simple example. This kitchen cabinet used to flow just fine but then I got some new pasta/salad bowls and the only way to make them fit was to angle my cereal/soup bowls precariously. It’s been bugging me for months and the coming new year inspired me to look at it anew. A simple rearrange had everything flowing much better.
Of course not everything in life can be fixed so easily, but I think you’d also be surprised at how much can.

So get some perspective on your physical and figurative lives and see if fresh eyes can’t help you sort out some things before the new year! Also, see what little things you can clear out or fix before the new year. Some ideas include:
-fixing broken latches
-glueing broken kids toys
-replacing towels with holes (turn them into rags of course)
-disposing of expired drugs (be sure to take these to your household hazardous waste!)
-fixing smoke alarm batteries that have died
-tossing out personal hygiene products you no longer like (be sure to recycle the bottles!)
-shredding and recycling all that paper you don’t need
-cleaning out your fridge

It’s good feng shui to deal with that stuff now and not carry it into the new year. Remember: To make room for the future you must let go of the past!

Be a spark in the world!