Discovery Cube LA Surprises and Delights

We recently visited the newly open Discovery Cube LA, located in the beautiful Hansen Dam recreation area in Northern LA-county, with a group of friends. For a limited time they are offering $10 tickets to celebrate the grand opening. It’s a wonderful mix of fun and learning and it took us over an hour to get all the kids to move past the FIRST exhibit. My favorite part was of course the Craftsman-style house that taught about resource conservation. I could go on and on, but instead I’ll just repost what my amazing entrepreneur friend Kalika Yap of Citrus Studios (and other businesses) already wrote up.


The Discovery Cube opened last month – their mission is to encourage: Environmental stewardship, Stem proficiency, Healthy living and Early learning. The exhibits include:

Discovery Market:
The kids pushed an interactive shopping cart through the Discovery Market grocery store, read product labels, (answered serving size / math questions) on a screen and scanned products. They wait to see if their answers are correct to make sure they’re making healthy shopping choices. Such a hit, the kids played this interactive game twice!

Helicopter tour:
We stepped into a one-of-a-kind helicopter theater to follow the 300-mile journey that water travels from Mount Whitney through the Los Angeles aqueduct and into the LA basin to learn the importance of conserving water. Rocky ride for those who get car sick!

Dinosaur Land of Fire and Ice:
The first traveling exhibit from a Children’s Museum in Minnesota took kids back in time and come face-to-face with dinosaurs in their prehistoric environment. Our kids (ages 4-7) loved this dinosaur playground! They put on costumes, climbed on miniature dinosaurs and dug for fossils in this super fun and engaging exhibit.

The Beansprouts kids cafe was located right outside the Dinosaur exhibit where we enjoyed organic and healthy snacks like quinoa salad, turkey sandwiches shaped like flowers made out of fresh cucumber and celery. No soda or fructose corn syrup served here!

Inspector training course:
The kids explored a gorgeous craftsman style house, used touchscreen tablets to learn the new R’s reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. They found energy leaks, figured out how to conserve power, learned about earthquake preparedness and sustainable living.

Planetary research station:
The kids examined the earth like never before by viewing a suspended animated globe. From this unique vantage point they were able to observe the solar system, natural disasters, marine migration, climate change, and impact of humans. They saw cloud formations, earthquakes and other natural phenomenon in real time. There is 360• seating around the globe – great place to sit and rest at the end of the long day.

Included with permission by Kalika Yap/Citrus Studios.
Photos by Kalika Yap/Citrus Studios