The Science of Changing Your Mind

They say that most of your life is driven by your subconscious mind, the most ancient and hard to change part of your brain. The powerful, subconscious feelings and beliefs you have about people or situations and the actions that you take because of these feelings can almost make you feel like an observer in your own life. However, this great Tedx talk gets into the neuroscience about how you can consciously change your mind and your life in the process. Prepare to have your mind blown!

3 thoughts on “The Science of Changing Your Mind”

  1. Interesting! I’m trying to change my attitude and reactions towards situations, which includes changing my mind and thus perception…it’s hard to break bad mental habits though, haha.

    1. Loved learning that there is a physical component to the mental change. It’s empowering! You just have to change it often enough to form a new habit!

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