Recipe: Cinnamon Danish a la Martha Stewart


A change to the original recipe: I substitute succanat (aka: crystallized cane juice find it here on Amazon for brown sugar because I prefer the flavor of it and I double the amount of cardamom and the orange/cinnamon filling that goes inside because I like a lot of flavor with my pastry.

UPDATE: This was by far the most hands-on time-consuming thing I’ve ever made in the kitchen. The whole time I kept saying to my hubby, “I am NEVER going to make this,


again.” He said, “Wow, I’ve never heard you complain in the kitchen before!”

However, one bite of the flakey-orange-cinnamon-flavored pastry changed my mind immediately. I have NEVER tasted pastry as good as this, and it was worth every single tricep-working roll of the rolling pin. You can feel the LOVE in this dish, and my friends and family who ate it with me absolutely agreed it was the best they had ever had too (and one of those friends is a professional chef to billionaires and the single best cook I know…next to my mom of course.) Another fact: This was the first time I had ever made this recipe and look at how beautiful it turned out…that’s how foolproof it is!
Definitely give this recipe a try, but start it a solid 18-20-hours before you plan on eating it or even 48-hours. I started this recipe around 4pm on Friday and worked on it over the course of the evening. Then I pulled it out of the fridge at 8am, did the longest bit of hands-on time, and then put it in the over a bit before 10am. It was ready to eat by 11.
Friday evening the hands-on time was about an hour, but it’s spread out over 4-different touch points because you 1) make the dough then put it in the fridge, 2) then roll and fridge, 3) roll and fridge, 4) roll and fridge and there is 1-2-hours between each step. The next morning you don’t have a lot of free time in-between steps except during step 4 because you: 1) roll it out to the size you want, 2) refrigerate briefly, 3) fill and shape it, 4) let it rise for about 45-minutes, and then 5) bake it.
A warning: As you can see from my picture above, I’m not as neat a baker as Ms. Martha. Whereas on her Danish you can’t see any of the cinnamon, on mine it shows up as beautiful brown stripes. However, there is a downside. The orange juice leaks out and will slightly overcook the underside of the Danish as it caramelizes. As long as you don’t mind the slightly bitter taste of burned sugar, it’s fine. Also, beware the egg wash: if you put it on too heavy it does the opposite of what it’s supposed to do: it keeps the dough from adhering rather than acting as a glue.
What’s on my mind? DANISH. MUST. MAKE. DANISH. I caught Martha Stewart making this delicacy on CreateTV during a workout, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it! For those of you who know my blog, you might be surprised I’m posting this recipe, but I love my weekly treats. Our family eats super healthy 90% of the time and 10% of the time we eat what we want. We’ve taught our child the difference between “growing food” and “treats” and we feel she has a healthy relationship with food because we don’t make anything completely off-limits. Also, I’m all about COOKING FROM SCRATCH, and so although this food might have sugar and refined flour, it won’t have artificial colors, artificial flavors nor preservatives which makes it much healthier than something bought in the store. Plus, baking is always a great opportunity to introduce chemistry in a dynamic way, as my child always helps out with the cooking.

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Brown Sugar-Cinnamon Danish
Photography: Bryan Gardner
Here is the recipe:
I can’t wait for the weekend to throw down this recipe! Usually we have pizza on the weekend as our refined-grain meal of the week, but we’ll be trading that in this weekend for this delicious monstrosity. Thanks Martha!
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