Food and Health Tip: Freeze Your Lemons

I always start my day with lemon water. I’ve been doing it for years and it really works for me. There have also been numerous studies that suggest lemons cancer-inhibiting qualities (even SNOPES doesn’t disprove this claim.) IMG_2923

However, this little tweak is a GAME changer in terms of getting more lemony goodness into your body, especially during the summer when lemons go bad so fast. The tweak is this: freeze your lemons (or limes…they are chemically the same) and then GRATE them, skin and all, for your culinary needs. It’s BRILLIANT! I’ve always known how great the skin and pith are from a health perspective, but they are way to bitter to just gnaw on raw. However, when I grate them really fine I don’t notice the bitterness at all. Two quick notes: be sure you are using real lemons and not Meyer lemons (a lemon/orange hybrid) as Meyers don’t have the same health benefits. Secondly, if you are eating the skin of the lemon they MUST be organic. You don’t want to put pesticides in your body!

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Freezing your lemons is also a huge savings in terms of waste and $$ because I used to have a dozen lemons on the counter at any given time as I typically use 2 of them a day: one in my AM water and one for my afternoon salad. Having this many ORGANIC lemons on the counter during the summer means that inevitably a few of them go bad before I can use them. And when organic lemons are around $1.50/each as they are in the summer (in the winter they get down to $0.50/each), this cost savings is going to add up for me!

Now I have about a dozen lemons in the freezer (for my water), and just a handful on the counter (for my salad) and in the 6-weeks I’ve been doing this, I haven’t had to throw out a single lemon!!! Also, I’m going through the lemons so much slower because I’m not wasting the skin and pith like I was doing before, which is a huge percentage of the lemon.

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