Thank You Cards for Kids

Handwritten thank you notes at any age. #emberliving #gratitude #politenesscounts

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It is never too early to teach your child the great habit of writing thank-you cards. This was a lesson heavily ingrained in me. In fact, when I was engaged I would write my thank-you the same day I received the gift, and the gifts that I received at my wedding I wrote while I was still on my honeymoon (compulsive much?) That might sound extreme, but it was nice to not have the weight of those thank-yous hanging over me. Also, the beam of pride in my mother’s eyes when she told me that our relatives commented on how quickly they received their thank-yous was also nice. It’s always nice to be complimented by your mom.

When my child was really young her thank-yous were simply white card stock stamped with her hand dipped in paint. That lasted until about 4. From 4-5 they were mini-art projects with her name being the only semi-legible aspect. Now she is up to writing a full sentence. Whenever she receives a present she expects and even looks forward to showing her thanks through drawing the person a little picture. Because she’s been doing it her whole life, it’s not a question of “should I write a thank-you,” she knows that it’s the right thing to do.

What sort of ways does your family express gratitude? I’d love to hear!







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