Alegre Ramos is a professional speaker specializing in the topics of wellness, high-performance and healthy lifestyles. I have been part of her audience during two presentations and I was so impacted by her speaking that I did everything possible to bring her to speak for me at an event in Redondo Beach.

She has become such an influencer that she is the first speaker I think of inviting whenever I have a need for a speaker in the area of well-being. One of the things I was magnetized by was her teaching process and her 3-step formula- LEARN-DO-MASTER. Whenever I want to learn something new, I think of Ms. Ramos when she said: LEARN-DO-MASTER. If you want an audience to be entertained, educated, and moved to action, book Alegre Ramos.

-Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr. Speaker
Program Director for The California Women’s Conference & Contributing
Writer for The Huffington Post, CEO of Malibu A Plus Tutor, LLC.