No matter your level of cooking ability, my classes are for you!


-On-demand webinars (check out the free intro webinar!):


-I am no longer teaching private classes in order to focus on

Past classes have included:

  • Gluten-free cocktail recipes: deviled eggs, lentil dip, feta bake
  • Cake: cake, cupcakes, breads, and frosting
  • Italian meal: egg noodles and pasta sauce from scratch
  • Mediterranean vegetarian feast: no-fry falafel, tzatziki, and quinoa taboule
  • One roast chicken, three meals: roast chicken, enchiladas or nachos, and chicken pot pie or soup
  • Pie-making: from sweet to savory and a crust that works for everything
  • Mexican food: tacos, red rice, and guacamole
  • Cookie: learn how to manipulate your recipes for that perfect texture
  • Asian-inspired feast: Asian slaw, dumplings, and stirfry

What’s unique about my classes?

  • I teach you to unleash your creativity by learning to cook without recipes, or as I call it “Intuitive Cooking.”
  • I teach you the basics of bringing flavors together and cooking to your taste and your budget.
  • My #1 tip to help you live a happier, healthier and wealthier life is to cook from scratch 90% of the time, and I’ll explain why in my class.
About Intuitive Cooking: In the 1990s, CalTech noticed an issue with its new crop of engineers: they didn’t know how to make the mental leap from theory to practice unlike their 1960’s predecessors, who had grown up “playing” and taking apart radios and telephones. What was discovered is that childhood hands-on play is a good indicator of future creativity.This insight into “play” has informed my Intuitive Cooking Workshops completely. My workshops are designed to liberate you from any limitations that may be holding you back from being creative in the kitchen, and give you the foundation you need to “build” dishes from the “ground-up.”
About me: Growing up with a Chinese/Hawaiian mother and a Mexican/European father in health-conscious and diverse Los Angeles, I have learned to infuse the flavors of all of the cultures I’ve been exposed to in a healthy and flavorful way.  I am a completely self-taught cook who began “playing” in the kitchen at a very young age. I started cooking more earnestly when I was 7-years-old because of a family misfortune that required me to step-up. About a decade ago, I invented a gazpacho mix that was sold in gourmet food stores throughout California and at pop-up events at Williams-Sonoma. I am also the cooking parent at my child’s coop where we have made everything from Renaissance-era yeast cakes to crusty Italian bread with the children. My 7-year-old can frequently be found in the kitchen making her own french toast. Over 90% of our family’s meals are cooked from scratch.
What I’ve learned over the years is that many people would like to cook from scratch more, but they lack the knowledge that one procures through experimentation, “hands-on play”, that allows you to cook without recipes. My workshop aims to fix this and teach people the mental thought process of cooking without recipes that will allow you to cook to your tastes and your budget. These classes will set the foundation for making you the kind of cook who can just “whip something up” based on what’s in your fridge or taste something at a restaurant and then recreate it in your own kitchen.

Here’s what students are saying:

  • Thank you for the excellent cooking class today. I had much fun and really learned a lot. I’ll also have to give kale another try. I am looking forward to your book coming out.” -David Y.
  • We had so much fun! Alegre is inspiring and entertaining and the food is delicious.” -Jeanne L.
  • Great class for someone who hates to cook!” -Judi B.
  • One of the best teachers I’ve ever had!” -Carter S., 10yo
  • I always learn something.” -Mary O. (veteran of multiple workshops)