Podcast Episode #2, 12/18/17

Listen to my podcast on Itunes or elswhere (see links below) About Episode #2 The time a doctor crushed me with one word: impossible. An inspiring chat with entrepreneur, mom, and GreenleafRead More…


Podcast Episode #1, 12/12/17

Listen to my podcast on Itunes or elswhere (see links below) About Episode #1 A bit about my name, the new year and the power of “momentum”, an interview with award-winning documentaryRead More…


Listen to My Podcast

The end of last year I started a podcast, and I am really enjoying the flexibility that the format allows. I’m super proud of my latest episode. Give it a listen atRead More…



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Food Video: Ghee, what it is and why I love it!

List to why I’m so passionate about ghee on Episode #6 of my podcast on Itunes here or here for other locations, and then learn to make it by watching the 45-second video below!

For more on ghee check out Dr. Axe article here and Dr. Mercola here.

#DrAxe #DrMercola






5-Minute Recipe: Black Bean, Quinoa, and Parsley Salad

Cook the quinoa and chicken as early as the day before, and then assemble the salad in just five minutes. I chose to add chicken and feta, but if you are vegan, try dressing it with avocado, hummus, and nuts.

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