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Solution for the Plastic Garbage in the Ocean!

High school student invents brilliant solution for the plastic garbage ocean problem.


Why Ban/Boycott Plastic Microbeads? Here’s a good 2-minute video explaining.

I’ve been blogging for awhile about the need for companies to IMMEDIATELY stop using plastic microbeads in their skincare, bodycare and toothcare products.  They need to be banned and boycotted…and someone needsRead More…


AVOID These Products with Plastic Microbeads

I am very concerned about the presence of plastic microbeads in toothpaste, face and body products. Check out my previous posts to learn more about this serious issue that is contaminating fisheriesRead More…


Plastic Beads in Toothpaste too????!!!! #BanTheBeadNow

I don’t understand how companies can be putting plastic beads into their dental, face and body products, KNOWING that the beads will end up in the ocean, and not be considered polluters.Read More…


JUST SAY NO to microplastics in bath and beauty products

I guess I’ve been living in my own little eco-bubble because I honestly did not know this was an issue. Thanks to my friend Joellen who brought this to my attention. ApparentlyRead More…