Unforgettable: Using Brain Science to Make Any Presentation Memorable

Every person who speaks, whether they are giving a business presentation, reciting a poem or singing a song, wants to be remembered. If people don’t remember you, how can they invest in your company, buy your product or check-out your website?

Developing my own public-speaking practice has given me decades worth of experience in public-speaking and I am an award-winning speaker in the area of inspirational speeches. Coupling my public-speaking experience with my business education/experience has allowed me to create a workshop that will help you be a better presenter no matter the audience or the topic.

*Learn the #1 thing you MUST do to instantly connect with an audience
*Learn the tip that separates the amateurs from the professionals in mastering the art of eye contact
*Learn how to quickly and easily customize a presentation to each individual audience

Currently this workshop is only offered at private events and corporate trainings. We may have public workshops or on-line workshops in the future. To sign-up for Alegre’s “public speaking mailing list click here http://smartURL.it/InspireInformIgnite

“Alegre is a great illustration of the truth of her topic. She knows her stuff and walks her talk.”
-Kathleen A. Duke, Attorney

“I have used the information she has delivered every time I heard her speak!” -Sophie Mihalko, Speaker, SophieMihalko.com

“Thanks for your amazing coaching…” -Kala Philo, Entrepreneur and Filmmaker, ClearCEO.com

“Very Inspirational! I’m impressed with how much of a wallop you can pack in such a relatively small amount of time, like Ali!!” -Frank B., Instructor, UCLA Extension