You Can’t Fight Your Programming: How Understanding Your Humanity Will Make You Happier, Healthier and Wealthier

I have a degree in anthropology, and what I know is that humans are programmed a very specific way, and you can use that programming to be more successful in all areas of your life: personally and professionally. If you aren’t aware of your programming, life can seem frustrating and confusing.

As I like to explain: you wouldn’t take a dolphin out of the ocean, feed a panda bear a steak, nor ask a horse not to run and expect them to be happy, healthy and fulfilled and yet we do these types of things to ourselves everyday and then wonder “what’s wrong with me.”

*Learn how to tap into your creativity and harness your productivity
*Learn a simple technique that will revolutionize how you handle confrontation
*Have a better sense of what really motivates you

Currently this workshop is only offered at private events and corporate trainings. We may have public workshops or on-line workshops in the future. Please email to be put on the list and tell us if you want to attend a physical workshop, a live video workshop or a recorded video workshop.

Here’s what people are saying:

“She kept everyone engaged the whole time…” -George Cassar, Performance Consultant & Trainer, Dale Carnegie of Southern Los Angeles

“If you want an audience to be entertained, educated, and moved to action, book Alegre…” -Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr. Speaker, Program Director for The California Women’s Conference & Contributing Writer for The Huffington Post

“She is a dynamic, focused, caring, and impassioned person…” -Douglas Green, Psychotherapist, Speaker and Author “The Teachings of Shirelle